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A Wall in our Path

Day 8: 11/28/2021

Upon leaving the Badlands Boondocking Area, we made our way into the little town of Wall, South Dakota. Of course we had to see Wall Drug with our own eyes! We made a

quick visit to this now very touristic stop. We saw many different ages of history along the walls of this historic store. We were genuinely surprised by Wall Drug with its many little stores and its abundant history.

With our backs towards Wall and the rest of the eastern United States, we have our eyes set on Wyoming! Little did we know, this day would be our longest day yet.

After 11 hours on the road, we reached our destination of Rock Springs, Wyoming. Rock Springs is not another random city we picked to stop for the night. We are actually seeing our friend Mason from college. He moved out here this past summer for an engineering job.

This drive made it easy for us to decide that we will not be doing many more of those 11 hour driving days. The views were pretty, but as soon as the sun goes down there isn’t much to look at and it is scary driving.

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