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A Golden Day in the Bay Area

Day 53: 01/12/2022

One great part of this tour of the Sonoma Valley/Wine Country is that these wineries are only 30-45 minutes away from each other. So we don’t have to spend half the day in the truck. Once we got to the last winery, Mayo Family Winery, in Glen Ellen, we quickly unhooked the trailer and made our way towards San Fran!

We planned this last minute. Initially, we did not want to take the extra miles to drive there, but after realizing it was only an hour away from our stop and the fact that we could unhook from the trailer, it became very appealing. We stopped at a deli about 20 minutes out from the city to pick up some sandwiches so we could have a picnic. We picked our spot with a view of the Golden Gate Bridge, got a few photos in, and then hopped back in the truck to cross the famous bridge. Even though it was a $8 toll, we still thought it was worth it. We went to two popular spots in the city, Lombard Street. The street is known as the curviest street in America (don’t worry, Snake Alley in Burlington is way better). After Lombard St. we swung by the Full House house. We didn’t realize it was someone's actual house so we took a quick selfie and called it good.

After these quick stops, we made our way back across the bridge, free this time, and stopped in Sausalito. The town had a very Mediterranean vibe, which reminded us of the Amalfi Coast in Italy. The tourist website said we had to get a cone of ice cream and walk the coast, so we did just that. We did have a goal of leaving the bay area by 3:30 so we could get back in time to buy a bottle of wine before the winery closes. Not sure if we mentioned, but it is recommended that you buy something from the Harvest Host as a thank you. So we set off back to Sonoma Valley very grateful that we chose to make the trip to San Francisco. We were surprised at how much we liked the city and how we want to come back some day to see the rest it has to offer.

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