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Day 66: 01/25/2022

Today would be our last full day in the Joshua Tree area. We had seen enough of the National Park, so we wanted to go back into Indio. We found a nice cafe for lunch and enjoyed delicious sandwiches in the sun on their patio. After lunch we drove by the famous Coachella Festival grounds to get a peak of where the festival takes place, it was surrounded by a large wall and trees, so we couldn’t see much. So we continued on to Goodwill to see if we could snag some good deals. Nothing caught our eye so we didn’t stay long. We then proceeded to Target. Perhaps, Christina’s favorite store! Sometimes we take the time to go to Target with little in mind and simply walk the aisles looking at everything that is offered. For us, especially Christina, it can be incredibly calming. We found a couple of little beach chairs that we would use in Coronado and a few other things and before we knew it, it was dark out. We had spent much longer there than we thought and got on the highway back to Chiriaco Summit for our final night.

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