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An Early Morning at Tunnel View!

Day 56: 01/15/2022

Trying to sleep last night was perhaps as hard as it ever has been, but 6 AM came quickly and we got up right away for the sunrise at Tunnel View! We parked the truck with a perfect view of the valley, set the camera up for a time-lapse and then let nature do the rest. Christina took this time to catch up on a couple hours of sleep in the warm truck. With this experience, the freezing cold night and early morning were definitely worth it. However, it did get quite busy at the viewpoint. Many photographers and other viewers showed up. The view is incredible, but it is unfortunate how busy these popular places get as it certainly takes away from the experience.

The sunrise was about all we did in the valley for today. We were absolutely exhausted, so we packed up our campsite and made our way out of the park. Timing worked out well. As we were leaving, the park was quickly filling with many people with the holiday weekend here.

But just before leaving the valley, Christina pointed up to El Capitan exclaiming that there were climbers halfway up the 3,000 foot cliff! This was actually one of the more interesting things we have seen since our journey started. The climbers had secured hanging tents to the side of the cliff and had camped there the night before. Maybe something that’ll make our bucket-list, but maybe not.

We left the valley and spent the remainder of the day resting and enjoyed a tasty Mexican dinner in the little town of

Groveland, California.

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