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Changing Plans

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Day 13: 12/03/2021

We packed up everything and said our goodbyes to Leavenworth. We made the journey through Snoqualmie Pass in hopes to stay the night at another free parking lot in one of the suburbs of Seattle. That thought quickly changed when we realized we were only 2 hours away from the campground that we actually made reservations for and we actually could not find any parking lots that offer overnight parking for free. The only thing is that we were supposed to arrive on the 5th and today is the 3rd. Luckily, we gave the campground a call and they said we could come today and just leave two days earlier than we planned. That’s a bonus of camping during the colder months, the RV parks are not that busy so there's a lot of flexibility.

After making the journey up to Poulsbo, Washington and grabbing our refrigerated food items for the next ten days, we can finally take a deep breath. It is relieving knowing we can set up the camper for the next ten days and not have to repack everything and hook it up to the truck and get 5 miles per gallon. Instead, we can get at least 12 miles per gallon. We spent the rest of the night relaxing and planning what to do the next week and a half.

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