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Farewell Pacific Northwest

Day 20 - 22: 12/10/2021 - 12/12/2021

The last three days of our stay in Poulsbo, Washington were nothing crazy. We took the time to rest from our busy week in the Pacific Northwest and also plan for our route to Bend, Oregon. This was definitely necessary for us. Driving for multiple hours a day to get to National Parks and also having walked many miles throughout the streets of Seattle we were quite tired. But even just the task of planning and trying to see as much as we could was tiring for our minds. So we spent most of our next few days at the campground catching up on household chores and making some filling homecooked meals.

We did happen to make a neat stop on Saturday. We visited the U.S. Naval Undersea Museum. This museum had a lot of neat history to it. We read through many scripts about marine geology and it's effect on the Navy. We got to step inside a submarine exhibit and also walked along historic torpedo replicas. One of the more interesting topics we learned about were the use of dolphins and seals to help in Naval missions. Dolphins and seals are trained and able to detect underwater mines and alert members of the Navy. It is quite fascinating seeing how effective these trained creatures are at deep dive discovery. It is with their use of echolocation and ability to make consecutive dives in short periods of time that makes them so effective.

Our final day in Poulsbo was filled with NFL football and preparing for our travels out of the Olympic Peninsula for the next day as we continue on our adventure!

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