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Food-Filled Day in Indio

Day 64: 01/23/2022

Our first night at Chiriaco Summit went well. The forecast ahead looks to have a lot of sun and nice weather which is always a plus! We’ve still got a handful of nights before we’ll be arriving in Coronado, CA for a long stay at the beach. So the next few days will be spent catching up on errands and spending some time in Joshua Tree National Park.

For today, we decided to head to the nearby city, Indio, CA. Our day wasn’t too eventful. We wanted to start the morning with church, so we found one that started at 10, so we thought. Unfortunately, we got it mixed up with another church and arrived right at the end of an English speaking Mass. We frantically searched for another church since we figured that would be better than waiting an hour for the Spanish speaking Mass. We hustled across town in time to catch most of another Mass, so it all worked out. Afterwards, we found a local Thai restaurant for some very tasty soup. We weren’t quite sure what else to do in town, so we found a Planet Fitness to get in a quick workout and shower. The NFL playoffs were also on and we were treated to some exciting matchups! After our workout, we decided to head to Red Robin to watch the evening football game and use a gift card from Christina’s aunt and uncle. The evening turned out to be quite fun as we shared some good food and watched the Bills and Chiefs put on a crazy overtime game! With that we ended our night back at the camper.

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