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Football, Food, and Fun in the Sun!

Day 68 - 72: 01/27/2022 - 01/31/2022

Today we slept in and had a late breakfast with Adam’s relatives before leaving their house. Our check-in at Silver Strand State Beach campground wasn’t until 2 in the afternoon, so we were able to take our time. We were very excited to have a spot at this campground since it was right alongside the beach with an incredible view out to the Pacific Ocean! We would have this spot for the next five nights!

After setting the camper up and settling in, we had about an hour until sunset so we made our way to the beach and just took in the sun and breeze as waves crashed onto the beach. The sunset was incredible and we soaked it in until it was nearly gone!

Friday we met Christina’s great aunt Lo for lunch in San Diego. Once again we were having Mexican food! It seems that we’ve been having Mexican cuisine as much as we ever have. We don’t mind though! After lunch on the patio we strolled through San Diego’s Old Town. This district of the city was really cool. It was filled with restaurants and shops and people mingling and learning about the history and heritage of the city. After a couple of hours in Old Town, we went back to the beach to catch another sunset. We thought we’d get to bed early since the next morning Adam would be in an interview with a radio show back in Burlington! However Saturday night turned into a fun night on facetime with friends and it ended up getting much later than we thought!

Saturday morning came quickly and Adam was live on the air talking about our adventure and RV life over the past couple of months. This was a great experience and it was neat to hear people call in and give their advice. The rest of the day was spent walking around Coronado. We were pretending we were guests at the very fancy Hotel Del Coronado. The hotel had elaborate rooms and villas facing out towards the ocean. The ocean was glistening in the afternoon sun and the beach was filled with activity. People were sunbathing, swimming, and mingling about at restaurants along the walkway. Our dinner reservation with aunt Lo at Bluewater Boathouse was quickly approaching. The seafood dinner went very nicely on the porch overlooking the marina to the bay. We made it back to the campground after dark and looked forward to the next day.

Sunday came and we were already through half of our stay in Coronado. Today we were excited for a nice brunch and then relaxing on the beach! We went into town for brunch at The Henry. We highly recommend having a meal here. The beach town was buzzing with activity. People walking up and down the walkways and bicycles and cars riding along the streets. It definitely felt like a true vacation destination. After brunch we went back to the camper to get ready for our day on the beach. The sun was shining with a light breeze. There were many people along the ocean-front enjoying the brisk water and soft sand. We sat on our little beach chairs with our toes in the sand just admiring the view ahead of us. Of course we had to pull the NFL game up on our phone! We decided to get in the ocean and wade waist deep and let the waves push up back. We enjoyed this for a while until it got chilly and then got cleaned up from the beach. As dark was approaching, we got back to the camper to prepare dinner and watch the second half of the later NFL game. We noticed that a lot of the people staying at the campground were LA Rams fans. The Rams were playing the San Francisco 49ers this evening. We could tell we were a bit behind on our stream of the game as fans around the campground yelled in celebration when good plays would happen. The game came to an end and we cleaned up the camper and sipped on some wine before calling it a night.

After a really enjoyable Sunday, we looked forward to our last day in Coronado. Unfortunately, the weather wasn’t as nice today with a bit of clouds and cooler temps. It just reassured us that we were really glad to have had the beach day yesterday! Today we would be meeting aunt Lo for lunch at Pacific Coast Grill. This was another tremendous restaurant, especially the view. We enjoyed lunch on the patio which was practically on the beach. We had a wonderful view of the ocean and even got to see some people surfing down the coast. After lunch we did some driving around and eventually made our way to downtown San Diego. We walked along the boardwalk and bay-front for a while before saying goodbye to aunt Lo.

We were incredibly happy with our stay in Coronado! The weather was truly amazing and we enjoyed great food. We will definitely be making another trip back here in the future. Before we called it a night, we took one last late-night walk along the beach. This time we made sure to truly appreciate and take in the surroundings. Listening to the soothing rushing of waves as they collapsed onto the beach, smelling the fresh, salty air, and feeling the cool, gentle breeze blow by. This was an ending to a night that will always be remembered.

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