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Holiday Season in Bend!

Days 32 - 41: 12/22/2021 - 12/31/2021

We’re back in Bend for the rest of our stay in Oregon! We are incredibly thankful for the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Newport. Looking back at the rest of our stay in Oregon, it wasn’t too eventful. As we prepared for the upcoming Christmas holiday, we took the time to bake some homemade kolaches (as seen in the photo of Adam holding the dough). We also enjoyed a few afternoons of running around town grabbing some Christmas gifts for others. For us, this Christmas was a bit different from our normal. We obviously wouldn’t be home for the holidays, but that’s alright because of the incredible company that we had around us! In fact, we were very excited to be able to spend our first Christmas with Christina’s three-year-old niece. We were up late Christmas Eve enjoying some wine with Brit (Christina’s sister) and Tim (Brit’s fiance) as they scrambled to finish wrapping some gifts for their daughter, Harper. After the late night on Christmas Eve, we got a little sleep and we were up bright and early for Christmas morning! We hustled back to Brit’s where we spent most of the day. It was a great day! Opened a couple of gifts for ourselves, ones that would improve our stay in the camper. Enjoyed a couple of football games and some good food. The main course for this holiday was lamb rib chops, something neither of us had actually had before. We were a tad skeptical at first, but they turned out to be quite tasty. As our Christmas wound down, we relaxed the night away.

After Christmas, we weren’t really sure how much longer we’d be in Bend. We were eager to get back on the road, but we wanted to get the truck into the shop for a quick repair. We also had our eye on the weather. Over this week, Oregon had received a decent amount of inclement weather and was forecasted to get some throughout the week. We like to be cautious on the road with our camper, so this was a little concerning. One tool that made this a bit easier was Oregon’s Trip Check. A website with all of the roadway cameras and conditions, so we could get on to see current conditions for ourselves. This was reassuring and helped us easily choose the proper route. After a few days of pondering when to leave, we decided on staying through New Year’s Eve.

One of the more intriguing activities we did as the new year approached was visiting the High Desert Museum. This museum put together some really nice exhibits and definitely surpassed our expectations! It covered many different topics about the history of the High Desert, which spans across many states in the mountain west region. We learned about many different animals that call the desert home as well as being able to walk through neat exhibits that showed how life was for Native Americans in the area.

New Year's Eve was here before we knew it and we were excited that we would be hitting the road the following day. But before that could happen, we had an exciting evening with Brit and Tim. The four of us spent the evening at Roam, a new restaurant in Bend. The cuisine was an array of different eats, some that we had never heard of and others that we were very eager to try. A couple highlights were the incredible Beef Wellington and a very rich cheesecake to end the meal. After our late dinner, we had just enough time to get back to the house before watching a rerun of the ball drop that happened three hours prior. We had a little wine and enjoyed a New Year’s kiss! This was a perfect ending to a wonderful stay in Bend with our loved ones.

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