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Into a Jurassic World!

Day 46: 01/05/2022

It’s a partly sunny but still drizzly day in Klamath. This town was further down the coast close towards the Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park. Just the night before, we came across a really cool hike in this park and decided we’d try it out. The short hike took us through what is known as Fern Canyon! A stream-filled canyon with its 30 ft. walls completely covered in ferns. So we set out from Klamath and down the 101 which brought us to a scenic byway running through the Redwoods.

Once through there, the drive to the canyon took a turn down a steep and winding path to the coast line. After crossing through a couple shallow streams we were at the trailhead. This hike goes down as one of our favorites of this trip! The only downside is that we were in way over our boots. Literally, the roaring stream was plenty deep, in some areas reaching a bit up our legs and filling our boots with cold water. But no amount of water in this stream was stopping us from trekking into the canyon. Fun fact, a part of the Jurassic Park movie series was filmed in Fern Canyon.

About one mile in, the trail climbed stairs out of the canyon to continue the loop. However, we and few others decided to continue further into the canyon until the brush and rushing water got a tad too thick. Therefore, we turned back and headed in the direction we came. We felt like we didn’t get enough views of the canyon so we elected to trudge back to the entrance of the canyon rather than finishing the loop. When it was all said and done, we were extremely blown away by this hike! The views were like nothing we’ve ever seen and the task of creek stomping was exhilarating. However, the wet hike put our boots out of commission for a few days.

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