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Into Wine Country We Go

Day 51-52: 01/10/2022 - 01/11/2022

Leaving the coastal Redwoods behind, we were off to see the beauty of wine country. Whenever we see a scenic route available, we try to take it. So when google maps offered the Avenue of the Giants, we said let's do it! Well, sort of. We got off the highway, saw that it added a whole hour to our drive, said lets not do it, did a 180 to get back on the highway, then stopped and said when will we ever do this again, did another 180 and started the Avenue of the Giants. We ended up being glad we did it because the views were amazing. Unfortunately about 8 miles down the was a roadblock and we had to get back on the highway. But the beauty of rolling hills and vineyards started to pop up and we knew we were getting close. Our first night was at Nelson’s Family Vineyard outside of Ukiah. When we showed up we were in awe at how amazing this farm and vineyard was. We checked in and got a small wine tasting done before heading to the back where we parked the camper. It got dark shortly after setting up so we started our dinner and relaxed. We decided to spoil ourselves tonight with a steak dinner and the bottle we bought after our tasting. That led to a great night's sleep and more excitement about the other wineries we will be staying at.

The next day we drove to Healdsburg, which is where Manzanita Creek Winery hosted us. This was sadly not as pretty as last night since this was just a warehouse that the wine was stored and shipped from. We got another tasting and a great conversation with the owner before heading into the town square to check things out. The owner had recommended the restaurant The Wurst after we had mentioned how much we miss a Chicago Dog. His recommendation was spot on! After inhaling the hot dogs, we walked around and admired the palm trees and sunny weather. As we were walking we found a pie bar that just looked irresistible. We shared a slice of Strawberry Mud pie with a scoop of cherry pistachio ice cream. All this food and wine made us fall in love with the area. We drove around and were just so thankful to be able to explore yet another amazing part of California.

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