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New Mems at Newport

Day 29 - 31: 12/19/2021 - 12/21/2021

After spending much of the past week in Bend, Oregon, we’re ready to set out to the coast with Christina’s sister and her family! The next few days we’ll be staying at the Inn at Nye Beach in Newport, Oregon. The drive out to the coast was fairly nerve-wracking. Our route crossed Santiam Pass and the easiest thing for us passengers to do was close our eyes and wait for the ride to pass. We pulled into Newport with a steady drizzly rain falling on the vehicle. This was a bit of a disappointment as we had high hopes for some good sightseeing along the Oregon coast.

Even with the rain, we made the most of the next few days in Newport. We enjoyed a couple of very good meals at Local Ocean, including Dungeness crab and other good tasty seafood. Our evenings were filled with lounging in a hot tub listening to the waves crash on the beach! The hot, steamy water was quite relaxing as the cold rain sprinkled on the surface of the water and left a refreshing feeling on our faces. We also spent some time walking along the beach and even made a bold and perhaps crazy decision to run into the freezing cold ocean water! Oddly enough, the adrenaline and rush of the freezing cold plunge made the whole thing quite satisfying!

On Tuesday, it was time for us to head back to Bend. And of course it was the best weather of our time in Newport. But before we got on the road, we took time to stroll through the Yaquina Bay Beach area. We enjoyed the sunshine on the beach and the large rocks that made up the jetty. Thankfully we got a few hours of sun, because just as we were about to leave the rain started to come down again. We hit the road and went north, avoiding the difficult section of Santiam Pass. This led us past a neat stop along highway 101. We made a quick stop at Devil’s Punchbowl. This was a bowl-like rock formation that was eroded by waves being constantly swirled through the rock.

After a couple more quick stops, we were en route back to Bend. We made it through some mountains and came up to a nice snowfall before leaving the Santiam region of the mountains. We pulled through the little town of Sisters, OR which was very nicely decorated for the holidays. This last bit of the drive back was a nice ending to a wonderful trip to Newport and we were excited for the quickly approaching Christmas holiday!

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