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Not such Badlands!

Day 7: 11/27/2021

When asked to take the scenic route, 99% of the time I would agree to take it. However, the route we took from Custer State Park to the Badlands felt like a never ending rollercoaster. Not only did it take an extra 45 minutes, it seemed like there was only one part that was actually scenic. A little bit of "hanger" (anger + hunger) might have influenced how we felt, but we might stick to the interstate next time. However, "rough roads" and a truck pulling a camper are not a good mix. Once we got to the Badlands we were shocked at how astounding the Badlands really are. We did three of the trails and Adam imagines that this is what the moon is like. We would say that the Badlands are underappreciated and are a must see if you are in the area.

We are Boondocking (camping in a camper on primitive land without hooking up to any power) at Badlands Boondocking area. It is about the midway point between the Badlands and the town of Wall, SD. We arrived just in time to see another gorgeous sunset and have enough light to set up the camper. Our gourmet dinner is a big bowl of ramen noodles.

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