Oh the Stinky Slinky

Day 10: 11/30/2021

Today we realized a pattern was forming. Every time we say we are going to leave by a certain time, it always ends up being an hour later. We wanted to get on the road by 8 this morning, but we didn’t leave till 9. Of course, Adam blames most of this on me, which I can actually agree with. So we triple checked to make sure we have everything, we hit the road towards Twin Falls, Idaho.

Today was our best day of driving up to this point . Most of the way we were going downhill and the views were once again awesome! When everything seems to be going perfect, there will always be something to put you in your place. Today, it was our “stinky slinky”, otherwise known as a RV sewer hose. Our plan was to empty the grey and black tanks so it could help with the weight distribution. We found a place just off the interstate and parked next to the drain, it was then when the stinky slinky decided to not want to come out of the tiny storage space that it is in and proceeded to break into what looked like an actual slinky. I was laughing, but Adam, who had to pull the stuck, broken tube 100 feet across the parking lot, was not. After tossing the entire slinky into a garbage can and washing his hands about 5 times, we were back on the interstate. But we had to change our destination to a Camping World so we could pick up a new sewer hose. A good thing that came out of this was the fact that a Chick-Fil-A was located pretty close to the Camping World so we could at least have a good lunch! Thanks stinky slinky!

Both of those stores were in our first major metropolitan area that we have gone through, Salt Lake City. It was cool for about a minute, then we started to hate all the busy traffic and just wanted to get back to the middle of nowhere. Which our wish came true pretty quickly. And before we knew it we were at our next destination. It was another boondocking area that was just outside the city, this time with a nice view of the twinkling lights of Twin Falls. We were happy we made it to yet another state safe and sound, even if we had to get a new stinky slinky

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