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Rest, with a nice view.

Day 14: 12/04/2021

Today was the day we finally got to see Seattle! Well at least from a distance. It was mostly a chill day hanging-out in the camper. We did do some laundry, but overall it was a nice boring day. Which can be hard to come by when traveling on this journey. We usually feel the need to see as much as we can in the time we have. Often being in go-go-go mode. But, after the two weeks it took to get out here we felt it was necessary to give our minds and bodies a rest. Although, before the day came to an end we decided that we wanted to at least get a little bit of exercise in so we found a trail that led us to a view of the Seattle skyline. That was our accomplishment for the day and we accepted it. This little view made us excited to go see Seattle in a few days.

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