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See You Later Iowa!

Updated: Dec 11, 2021

Day 1: 11/21/2021

Empty Corn fields, cows, and wind turbines. Can’t say we were expecting much more driving across Iowa, since we've traveled these roads a time or two. But it does make us even more excited about what lies ahead in our near future. Of course, as we are leaving good old Iowa City, a cold front starts to come in bringing in 30 mph winds, which doesn't make it easy driving a solid 60 mph on the interstate. Our goal for the day - make it to Omaha safely and see Adam’s sister, Rachel! And also see how all of our things inside the camper did on its first long journey.

A full tank of gas later and four hours across the state of Iowa, we are well aware that our mobile abode (Piney, a 22 foot travel trailer) is costing us time and much more fuel. This was foreseen with our aspirations of traveling, but it truly set in once we made our way down the road. That being said, we made it to Omaha safe and sound (with only one missed exit). We got to enjoy a nice dinner with Rachel and catch up on her life at Creighton University. We are pooped after our first day of travel and decided to call it an early night. In the moments of decompressing, we reflected on our day, and a million emotions are going through our heads. Excitement, fear, joy, and uncertainty to name a few. But, we are reassured that as long as we are together, we will have the time of our lives.

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