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To the California Coast

Day 43: 01/02/2022

This morning we were up (more like Adam was up) before the sunrise to set up his phone to capture a time-lapse of the sunrise. It turned out pretty good for the first time. We had to get back on the road pretty early so we could miss a potential snowstorm in Oregon. So we said our goodbyes to Mt. Shasta and were back on the road. Our goal today was to make it to Crescent City, CA and we could not really budge with this one because of the snowstorm. Luckily, it was only a 3-hour drive so it went by fast, especially since we were so excited to see the ocean again and the Redwood National Park. Part of the road did get quite curvy going down some smaller mountains, but we made it! We are staying at a casino's back parking lot for the next three days so we headed there first. After securing the camper and putting things in order, we headed for the beach. Before we got there, the famous golden arches caught our eye and we just had to get a burger and fries. It was a little picnic in the truck as we watched the waves crash onto the sand. We finished our meal and hiked along the coast. The smell of the salty water was in the air and we could not stop smiling. We have made it out of the winter weather and hopefully the only snow we see for the next month will be when we go up the mountains.

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