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Totally Leavenworth-it!

Day 12: 12/02/2021

Today was a much easier two hour drive to Leavenworth, Washington since we drove extra yesterday. Leavenworth was such a cute small town in the Cascade Mountain range. So I do take back saying it was easier, because driving up and down a mountain was a challenge. But we made it and had a great time! We walked through most of the stores and down by the Wenatchee River, which was quite a sight as it rushed by along the trees with mountains in the background. What we really were waiting for was the sun to go down so we could see the Christmas lights. This German town is known for their Christmas light display.

It was a nice experience just sitting outside admiring the lights and seeing people mingle in the park. At one point, the beautiful sound of an alphorn rang through the square. It was also neat to see that the town had a livestream and some friends and family were able to get on and see us on the street corner!

Since it is a German town we had to have a bratwurst and a giant pretzel for dinner. Even though this town was a little out of our way, we thought it was an amazing stop and glad we did it. We definitely recommend Leavenworth, especially if it is around Christmas time.

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