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Towering Trees and Never-Ending Trails

Day 44: 1/3/2022

It felt great to be back in a National Park again. The casino we were parked at was right on the outskirts of the Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, which is the northern part of the Redwoods National Park. We intended to get an early start, but our alarms decided not to work today. We slept in and didn’t get into the park till noon. One of our themes of this trip is to think everything happens for a reason. This moment was a great example because right as we were showing up to the entrance of the park, a park ranger was unlocking the gate. She explained that it was closed due to excessive rain and that the roads were finally safe enough to drive on. So our sleeping in was justified. We continued our drive through this magical forest of giant trees and stopped every mile or so to take a picture of what we thought was an even bigger tree than the last one. After 20 or so minutes of gazing through the truck window, we decided to pull over and get out on a trail.

The first trail we did was a short one and was mainly used as a photoshoot. We then drove a little further down the road to the trail we actually read about beforehand. It was called the Boy Scout Tree trail. This was named this because at the end of the trail there is a tree that was big enough for an entire boy scout crew to fit in front of. On the trailhead sign it said it was a 5 mile round trip trail, so we thought that would not be too hard to do. Given, it was 2 in the afternoon and so we had about 3 hours left of sunlight. Well, we quickly lost service after just starting the hike, but the trail was clear enough to follow so we were not worried. The elevation varied and so did the rain fall. Luckily, we had an umbrella and we wore our rain coats. After time went on, we started to question how far we were from this tree. We have the app AllTrails which we were able to sometimes see where our location was on the trail, but it made it seem like we were never getting there. We were determined to find this big tree so we continued on. Another hour of hiking goes by and we were starting to doubt this tree even existed. We look down on the app and it says we already passed it, but we saw no sign or really any tree that stood out. We headed back a little ways and we thought we may have found it. We quickly took our picture so we had proof we did it and then had to book it back. The rain clouds were getting thicker and the sun was heading down. I should also add that we thought this was not going to take this long so we brought no water which was not a smart move and we learned from it. We got back just before the sun went down and we were pooped. We headed back to the camper to make some dinner and then called it a night. As soon as we had service we both looked up a picture of what this tree looked like and we were 99% sure we found the right tree, so we called it a success.

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