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Trails and More in Joshua Tree!

Day 65: 01/24/2022

The night went by quickly and we had a day planned for Joshua Tree National Park! We found a couple of short hikes leading to some cool rock formations. Our first stop was Arch Rock Trail. It was a simple gravel and dirt trail that took us through patches of Joshua Trees and other cacti. Further out were neat, large rock formations, one of which was a large arch. We spent a while climbing up and over large boulders and through crevices just big enough for our body width. After getting our fair share of pictures, it had gotten fairly busy so we decided to move to the next stop.

We made a quick drive to see Skull Rock. This was a quick stop since the formation was right off the side of the road. Skull Rock was neat and like nothing we’ve seen so far along this trip. We were able to get right up to it and even climbed up into one of the “eyes”. This was about all we wanted to see, so we moved on. We got on the road and made our way to the last stop before leaving the park.

We’ve driven through the park a couple times by now and had seen a neat patch of cacti along the road. They were Cholla Cactus. These cacti were small and cute, but definitely not something we wanted to mess with. So we kept our space as we walked the meandering trail through the patch. We certainly did not want to get stuck with their very sharp needles! By now it was getting dark, so we made the short journey back to the camper for the evening.

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