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Day 47: 01/06/2022

After yesterday's great day of exploring Fern Canyon, we were inspired to do more today. Although our boots are out for a few days to get dry, we thought we would finally break the bikes out. Our bikes have been on the back of the camper on a bike rack with a lock around both. Before we could head to the bike trail, we needed to put the bikes in the back of the truck. What should have taken only a minute or two turned into a 20 minute fiasco of trying to just get the lock off. After taking a pause and thinking what could we do differently, we finally had the bright idea that maybe we weren’t using the right key. After digging out the other lock keys, the first one we try works immediately. We both laughed it off and hoped no one was watching us. We get to the bike trail and make it about 2 minutes in before Christina’s bike tire starts to get flat. We also noticed that the trail was blocked by a fallen tree. So we made the executive decision to turn around, put the bikes back in the truck, and do a different trail by foot. This ended up working out perfectly because we got to see a beautiful waterfall that we would have not been able to get to by bike. It was called Trillium Falls and it was a nice 3 mile hike. We thought that was good enough for the day and headed back.

A downside of the free campsite we were staying at was the fact that we had zero service. We decided to go inside the hotel and use some of its Wi-Fi to help plan out where we will be staying the rest of January. We found two great RV campsites, one for Yosemite and the other for San Diego. We already planned for three nights in Sonoma Valley at three different wineries. Then for the rest of California we planned on relying on free campsites. The best website we have found to locate these free places to park is It has shown us all of the casinos, different boondocking spots, and the rest stops along our route. Not an ad, but we really do love this website.

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