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We really weren't meant to bike on this Trip

Day 60: 1/19/2022

Well, well, well, we left our guards down and felt the consequences. Before leaving Bakersfield we had to make one more stop at the store. A quick 20 minutes in and out and we were back on the road for another 5 hours to Death Valley. About half way into the drive we pulled off to a rest stop to use the restroom and make some lunch. In the middle of slicing the tomatoes for our sandwiches, Christina hears Adam shouting outside the camper. To both of our surprises we find that our bikes are gone. A little confusion about whether they accidently fell off quickly turned into the realization that they were stolen. Remember that bike lock that took us forever to get off, well that was gone too so our hypothesis is that someone cut it off and took them while we were in the store. About 90% of the time before we leave from anywhere, one of us goes to the back to make sure the lights are working on the trailer. That also entails checking how secure the bikes are. Well, of course this was one of the times we didn’t do it. 10 minutes of sitting in shock, we ate our sandwiches and called it a lost hope. It is unlikely they would ever be found so we continued on without them. Every so often we would laugh and say of course they were stolen right as we were getting to the weather that we could actually use them more often. We looked at some bright sides like the fact that they didn’t break into the windows or harm anything else. We tried to not let it get us down and kept the excitement up about seeing Death Valley. The green grass was soon behind us and the barren mountains were our view for the rest of the drive. We arrived at a boondocking area that appears to be an abandoned campground. We say this because we are on a perfect rectangular slab of concrete that is accompanied by many rows of the same thing. By having no service, our choice of what to do was minimal. It’s dark out so we don’t really want to explore the area we haven’t seen in daylight yet. Adam caught some nice photography of the night and we finished the night by catching up on some reading and writing this blog (we were very behind).

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